Hello from your Mid-Week Coffee Run Coordinator.

As an Introduction I would like to introduce myself. My name is John Foord and I retired in 2017. I am member Number 75 of the club and have been since 2016. I own two Volvo’s, one a V60 and the other a 1990 240 GL.

Since retiring, I have kept myself busy by becoming involved in the Club and from time to time, I have gone on a coffee run mid-week in order to get out of the house and have a dingo’s breakfast.

As a retiree, I felt that the club could support activities mid-week so that us oldies can take our beautiful machines for drives and socialise at the same time. Ken, one of our members has started to join me on my runs and I therefore approached the club President in order to get the clubs opinion of this activity.

I have prepared a table of venues located both North, South, East and West of Brisbane. No ferries or river forging is required.

All outings are currently on Thursdays, due to the fact that I am undergoing treatment for Leukaemia and am unavailable on Wednesdays. All outings meet at the venue, mainly due to the fact that members come from all areas of Brisbane, and in some cases Queensland. We meet at 11.00 to 11.30 am. Have a cup of coffee/ tea have a chat and then go home. Depending on the venue, we may have lunch or a light snack.

This activity is open to anyone and I invite you to avail yourself of this opportunity to kill the boredom and meet up with like-minded people.

Check the list and just turn up on the day.


John Foord  

Members are requested to meet at the venue. For all enquiries get in touch with John Foord (0408 778 015)

PLEASE NOTE: Wednesday runs are marked in bold text.

Thursday, May 23, 202411:00amBlue tongue100 Moundaruh Rd Thornside
Thursday, May 30, 202411:00amNash Gallery and Coffee222 Ipswich Street, Esk
Thursday, July 04, 202411:00amSilver Spoon9 Biggs Ave, Beachmere
Wednesday, July 10, 202411:00amThe Foating Coffee Chop2 Harris St, Grantham 4347 (new)If you cant make it to Mt Cotton for the Thursday.
Thursday, July 11, 202411:00amThe Grove Kitchen & Bar101 Valley Way, Mt Cotton

For further Information contact John Foord 0408 778 015.